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How do I register or find more info?

All registration is done online and you can find more info online.

Is food and lodging covered for the duration of camp?

Yes, all of our camp fees include lodging and 3 meals per day. Extra food or drinks may be purchased at camp store.

Can I choose my own roommate?

Yes, stand in line at check in with your preferred roommate and we will pair you up. Other than that roommates will be selected by age and team.

Is there laundry facilities available for camp?

Yes, you must bring your own soap and quarters for the laundry machines.

Is there a camp store available?

Yes, our camp store will be fully stocked with snacks, drinks, and camp apparrel, we recommend each camper bring $50 for any camp store purchases.

What should I bring to camp?

Bedding, Towels, Toiletries, workout gear (t-shirts, shorts) wrestling shoes, running shoes, and swimming trunks.

How are kids supervised during camp?

We have camp counselors and staff on camp 24/7 to make sure all campers are supervised around the clock. All hallways have camp chaperones and staff members that complete room checks every night, as well as take roll call at every session. 

What ages can attend camp?

Camp is open to all wrestlers ages 10-Older. Camp is not open to post high school wrestlers.

Can you provide shuttle service to the airport?

Yes* Only if you are attending the champions Elite 9-Day camp we can provide a shuttle to Columbia International Airport (30 Minutes from campus) or Greenville Spartanburg Airport (60 minutes from Campus).

Are parents permitted to attend camp?

Yes, we welcome all parents and coaches to attend as many sessions as they would like.

What can campers do in their free time?

Campers will have access to the campus Swimming Pool, Game room, and Gym during their free time between sessions.

Is there a discount for Commuters

Yes, the rate for commuters is 25% off of the regular camp price, and it includes meals as well.

What is the Refund Policy?

During checkout you will be offered the option to purchase camp protector insurance. If you purchase this option and qualify for the circumstances that are outlined in the policy, you would be eligible for a registration refund. If you decline this option, our refund policy is below.
Any refund issued, in accordance with this policy, will be in the form of a credit towards future camps. There will be no monetary refund of any kind under any circumstances. In order to be considered for a refund/credit, you must make your request, in writing via Email to before September 1st. No refund request will be considered until the conclusion of the Summer Camp Season.

The decision as to whether or not to issue a credit and to what extent a credit is issued, is solely at the discretion of Champions Elite Wrestling Camp Owners. Timely filed requests will be considered on an individual basis.

Injuries sustained prior to Camp will require a Doctor’s note to be considered.

Injuries, skin infections, emergencies, and any other unforeseen circumstances that occur at camp will not be considered for credit. Champions Elite Wrestling Camp LLC will not be responsible for any prescription, medical or dental expenses incurred while at camp.

Any camper dismissed from camp for disciplinary reasons will not be considered for a credit.

Once camp begins and an injury is sustained, credit will not be given for the duration of camp, regardless of when the injury takes place or the amount of time the camper is unable to participate. Wrestling is a contact sport and injuries are an inherent part of the sport. Champions Elite Wrestling Camps LLC has contractual obligations to pay for housing and meals in their entirety for the expected duration of each camper's stay. By enrolling in camp you are assuming the risk that your child may be injured and unable to complete camp, and it is understood that credit will not be issued.

Last minute cancellations, please call us prior to camp as soon as you know you will be unable to attend. We must receive cancellations at least one week prior to the start of camp to consider a credit. Any cancellations received after the first day of camp will not be considered and will not receive credit.

If a camper chooses to leave camp by their own decision, for any reason, they will not receive credit for the remainder of camp. Credit may only be considered if an official request is submitted in writing before September 10th.

All credit cards will be charged in full when used to enroll in camp and will be subject to the same policy and guidelines as all other enrollments.